Join Reap Benefit's tech & data team - Solving for India, one street at a time

Be a part of Reap Benefit’s solve Ninja Movement - “Solving for India, one street at a time, by activating everyday leaders called solve ninjas”. Join the urgent and important mission to enable 1 million citizens to engage in civic & environmental problem solving in their local communities to reshape citizen participation & strengthen local self -governance by 2025.

They have already activated 50k + Solve Ninjas (around 80% of them continuing as citizen social intermediaries), who have taken 94k+ civic actions, started 3000+ campaigns, and built 500+ civic innovations to address local civic and public issues across the country.

Isnt that awesome? Obama agrees :slight_smile:

Former President, Barack Obama gives a shout out to the Solve Ninja Network

So, how does it work? here is an example.

10,000 Acres of Land saved from Air Pollution

Leveraging the 31,000 data points for stubble burning using their tech platform across Punjab, Yuva Cabinet President Hardeep Singh prevented 10,500 acres of land and subsequent air pollution by conducting regular awareness campaigns and sessions.

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(as of 24 Jan, 2024)