Lead Software Engineer - Web Frontend Opportunity at BeCause (Remote)

BeCause is an innovative, self-hosted Citizen Mobilisation (CMOB) tool designed to foster active engagement and participation. Developed by the visionary team at Demtech.ai, BeCause has successfully transitioned from a proof-of-concept to a project on the brink of scalability and modular development. With a targeted release by the end of Q2 '24, BeCause is set to revolutionise how we think about civic engagement through technology.


Opportunity Overview

Location: Remote (India)

As the Lead UI Engineer for BeCause, you’ll play a crucial role in molding the future of our platform’s web presence. This position offers the unique opportunity to lead the design and implementation of our web assets, ensuring they are intuitive, responsive, and seamlessly integrated. While initially joining as a consultant, there’s a clear pathway to becoming a full-time team member, underscoring our commitment to investing in our people.

Key Responsibilities

1. Design and Implementation: Own the design and implementation of intuitive, responsive, and composable frontends for the BeCause platform’s web assets.
2. Technical Risk Management: Actively identify and address any technical risk to product delivery related to the web frontends.
3. UI Component Development: Build and maintain UI components with a keen eye for design and UX.
4. Interface Design: Convert designs to functional UI. Be willing to design interfaces in the absence of a designer on the team, fostering an iterative improvement mindset.
5. Code Quality: Write clean and efficient code that you will be proud to showcase.
6. Documentation: Document frontend architectural and implementation details.
7. Collaboration: Collaborate with other (often external) developers, product management, engineering management, and customers. Contribute to UX research and gather user feedback for BeCause’s user interfaces in the process.
8. Innovation: Stay abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies, actively bringing new ideas and best practices to the team.
9. Willingness to Learn and Adapt: Be open to continuous learning and growth in a dynamic startup environment. Be willing to adjust to changing responsibilities.
10. Mentorship: Provide mentorship for junior UI developers, fostering a collaborative and knowledge-sharing culture.

Who We’re Looking For

Experience: At least 5 years in the trenches, building and deploying frontend systems at scale.

Technical Skills: A master of JavaScript, with a solid grasp of HTML and CSS. While React knowledge is a plus, it’s not a dealbreaker.

Frontend Architecture: An understanding of modern frontend architectures and the web’s capabilities and constraints.

UX Principles: A deep appreciation for UX design principles and web accessibility standards.