Looking for Data Visualization Consultant -Portfolio Visualization - Request for Proposals

Portfolio Visualization - Request for Proposals


Dovetail Impact Foundation (formerly the David Weekley Family Foundation) invests time, treasure, and talent in organizations that promote human flourishing. We support highly effective interventions in the far reaches of the world that tackle challenges of poverty with integrity, ingenuity, and scale. More information available here.

We have 80+ International Partners spread across multiple geographies working across several different sectors and subsectors. The Foundation has strong implicit knowledge and understanding of the financial and non-financial investments we have made in each portfolio partner, the potential of each partner and their relative performance and maturation over their life cycle. Similarly, we have a thoughtful rubric to evaluate new and ongoing investment opportunities.

Nevertheless, we need to develop the capabilities for harnessing, among other data, our partner and portfolio data to increase our capacity for data-driven analysis of our portfolio and ultimately to shape our strategy and decision making. As a grantmaker typically offering unrestricted grants, it presents a particular challenge in being able to develop the above while not creating a set of metrics we would require unique reports on from our grantees.

We are looking to retain a consultant who can help build out a data visualization tool that helps map and visualize Dovetail’s international portfolio and perform high level analysis on various parameters across individual organizations and overall portfolio.


The project goal is to build out a tool to help create data visualization of Dovetail’s international portfolio using various parameters (revenue, cost per beneficiary, geographic, sector, classification etc).

The scope of service involves the following:

  • Understanding the business case for creating the data visualization of the portfolio: The focus is to get a clear understanding of the overall scope of the work, objectives, information the stakeholders are seeking, the type of analysis they want you to use, and the key deliverables.
  • Understanding the current data set, data collection process and data sources: This phase starts with a deep dive into initial data collection process, existing data and proceeds with activities like data quality checks, data exploration to discover first insights into the data, or to detect interesting subsets to form hypotheses for hidden information. As part of this process, we require the consultant to provide inputs on how to improve the data collection, storage and staging and recommendations on systems / processes that will empower ongoing optimization, including expanded datasets, analysis and use cases.
  • Data preparation: Organizing the data and identifying the key data variables and parameters with a cleaned dataset.
  • Visualization: Creation of the model depending on the requirements.
  • Documentation: This step should provide a brief description of the project, data sources, workflow map, data profile and quality, recommendation and potential next step in analyzing the data. We would also require the consultant to train and walk the team through the data visualization tool.

We expect the project to be completed in 30 days from the start of the project.


We request you to submit a 2 page document with the following information to amit@dovetailimpact.org

  • High level project plan with timelines based on your understanding of the project
  • Brief on qualification for the project and examples of similar projects implemented and experience with visualization tools.
  • Names, titles, and contact information for three references specifically related to your prior visualization work
  • Budget for the proposed project

Deadline for submission of proposal: 14 April 2023