Mozilla Foundation is seeking a Director, Campaigns (Director) to lead a team that designs and implements impactful, multi-year advocacy campaigns

The Mozilla Foundation believes the Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible to all. Mozilla’s mission is ambitious: making the health of the internet a mainstream issue. It is also vital: as centralization, surveillance, exclusion, and other online threats proliferate, we need a movement to keep the web a global public resource. Mozilla’s programs operate at different scales and locations around the world, fuelling the movement for a healthy Internet.

About the role:
The Director, Campaigns will manage a globally dispersed group of Advocacy Leaders who are developing multi-year campaigns that leverage strategic communications, research + investigations and supporter engagement to increase the transparency of AI systems, mitigate AI bias and harms, and protect consumer data. While these topics are new and emerging, the Director will draw upon their wealth of knowledge of advocacy campaigning to develop strategic, fit-for-purpose campaigns that lead to substantial changes benefitting people.

The Director must have demonstrated experience in developing effective internal and external collaboration in fast-paced, evolving organizations/external environments. An ideal candidate would have experience leading global advocacy campaigns or have worked in a globally dispersed organisation.

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