WHO is hiring for Senior Web Developer for Integrated Health Information Platform (New Delhi)

The World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), is making significant strides in improving healthcare services through the implementation of the Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP). As part of the broader National Digital Health Plan, IHIP aims to streamline health data integration across India, enhancing both the quality of healthcare and the efficiency of service delivery.

Key Features of the IHIP Initiative

  • Centralized Health Data System: IHIP serves as a unified platform that consolidates health and health-related data from various national programs, aiming to improve policy formulation and healthcare delivery.
  • Real-time Disease Surveillance: Through the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) module, IHIP enables real-time tracking and reporting of over 33 major diseases, facilitating timely interventions and preventing outbreaks.
  • Enhanced Monitoring of Health Programs: The Health Management Information System (HMIS) module within IHIP tracks the progress and efficacy of health programs under the National Health Mission, providing critical data for policy and program adjustments.

Mission and Values of WHO in India

WHO’s operations in India are driven by the mission to improve the quality of life for India’s populous through various health initiatives. These efforts are guided by principles of equity, solidarity, and participation, focusing on:

  • Universal Health Coverage: Advancing access to comprehensive, quality healthcare services without financial hardship.
  • Sustainable Health Goals: Supporting India in achieving health-related sustainable development goals.
  • Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Emergencies: Addressing chronic diseases, mental health issues, and preparing for health emergencies.

Opportunities and Employment

The ongoing expansion of IHIP includes enhancing its IT infrastructure and capabilities. WHO India is currently seeking professionals to join this transformative project, particularly in roles that support the development, deployment, and maintenance of the IHIP system. This is a unique opportunity for skilled individuals in the fields of computer science and application development to contribute to a major national healthcare initiative.

Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields, with a preference for candidates holding advanced degrees.
  • Professional Expertise: Applicants should have robust experience in web and mobile application development, particularly using Java Spring Boot, Angular, and PostgreSQL technologies.
  • Language Skills: Proficiency in English, with knowledge of other national languages considered an asset.

Working with WHO

Monthly remuneration is INR 2,06,377 taxable as per Indian laws and the appointment will be through Special Services Agreement (SSA) extendable subject to satisfactory performance and continuing need for the function. S/he could be posted anywhere in India as per the project needs.


For those interested in applying or seeking more information, detailed application procedures and requirements are available on WHO’s official website.