Inclusive Product Management Fellowship for Developing Inclusive Products for Diverse Audiences & Exploring New Markets

Belongg, in partnership with Dalberg, is proud to announce the launch of The Inclusive Product Management Fellowship. The Fellowship is a forward-thinking program that aims to foster inclusivity within the tech industry in India. It focuses on bringing together 20 practicing product managers from top tech product companies for a unique journey. The objective? To imbue them with a deep understanding of inclusive product management and enable them to implement new, value-driven features within their products that effectively serve underrepresented users.

The program has been supported by Omidyar Network India and also has The Product Folks, Mission Accessibility, nasscom foundation , Qonnect, Led By Foundation, Evolve, Interweave Consulting Pvt Ltd and Women In Product as core partners.

Key Components of The Program

  • Learning from Global Experts: The Fellowship is backed by a panel of global experts who offer their insights and mentorship to the Fellows. This exposure to a wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable in guiding the participants towards achieving the program’s inclusive goals.

  • Support from the IPMF Core Team: The Inclusive Product Management Fellowship (IPMF) core team plays a pivotal role in providing the Fellows with essential support throughout the program. This includes immersion with underrepresented user groups to gain firsthand understanding, prototyping design support to bring ideas to life, and business case modeling to ensure the viability and impact of the proposed innovations.

Benefits for Companies

For companies participating in The Fellowship, the program offers a structured pathway to innovation. By focusing on building effective features that resonate with the needs of underrepresented users, companies can unlock new market opportunities and enhance their brand reputation. This strategic approach not only contributes to social equity but also to business growth.

Advantages for Fellows

For the product managers who embark on this journey as Fellows, The Fellowship represents a career-defining opportunity. They stand to gain:

  • Inclusive Product Skills: Acquiring specialized skills to develop products that are inclusive and meet the diverse needs of all users.

  • Networking: Connecting with other like-minded professionals, global experts, and the broader tech community to build valuable relationships.

  • Creating Impact: The chance to make a significant impact through their product innovations, directly contributing to a more inclusive tech ecosystem.

  • Generating Value: Through their initiatives, Fellows can drive substantial value for their companies by tapping into new user segments and fostering brand loyalty among a broader audience.

Important Details

Who is eligible: Practising product managers and product designers from leading product companies in India
Duration of the Fellowship: May - October 2024
Application deadline: 26th April 2024
Fellowship cohort announcement: 6th May 2024
Fellowship commencement: 20th May 2024.
Application link: Apply here

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