Knowledge management at Aline Partners

At Aline Partners, we are interested in solving the following problems:

  1. As a consulting organisation, we will have a well defined process for most of our projects. Documenting this so that we use this internally as a knowledge repository of both processes as well as templates that are used internally.
  2. We will also use the same documentation to provide inductions for people who are new. Having a clear, process map as well as a set of templates would help as well as a way of signing in new people who we can induct within the system.

Would love some help on this one.


Hi Jacob,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing! Here are a few options you could consider.

one of the favs which is open source and also has a very generous paid/free tier is…

a close second and third…

And there are some non-open source plans with very generous free plans for small teams and also a free pro plan for open source projects

Hope this helps. And also hoping that others from the forum will share their inputs.

Thanks a lot to the Tech 4 Good team for these suggestions. I’ve started using outline and it’s absolutely amazing to use as a FOSS knowledge management tool. Of course, as you start learning, your requirement also shifts, so there’s a bunch of things that have come up which would help me get better using Outline. Negotiating their community page is not always great as it seems more set up for fixing the technical gaps in the software rather than a user manual! But I continue to try to work through it.

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