Looking for Entrepreneurs- Co-founder and CEO at Startup

Looking for entrepreneurs.

Are you passionate about creating disruptive social impact? A Startup is looking for a talented co-founder (with the potential to be the future CEO) to join their team and lead the development and launch of their technology product in the social impact sector.

Their existing co-founders bring in the vision, strong expertise on the product & the market, and a deep understanding of tech. They need someone who can bring their skills and experience to manage delivery & execution and help them achieve theur goal of improving democratic participation globally. Responsibilities: -Provide strong oversight of delivery to ensure the product is delivered on time and meets the needs of their customers -Manage financial oversight, including fundraising, budgets, and targets (with support from other co-founders) -Plan and execute the development and launch of the product, leveraging past expertise in this area -Demonstrate leadership by taking charge and steering the team towards goals -Build out the early team for the product and manage and delegate effectively -Be self-motivated and able to work autonomously -Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and investors

Requirements: -Sr. leadership experience from at least one startup -Passion for social impact and a desire to earn social karma by building a product that can improve democratic participation globally -Excellent track record of planning and executing complex projects -Strong financial acumen and experience managing budgets and fundraising -Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to build and manage teams -Strong network and ability to build relationships with key stakeholders and investors

They have raised pre-seed capital and have started development of the product, with a goal to launch by August ’23. The co-founder and CEO will play a critical role in ongoing fundraising rounds, as well as managing the delivery of the product. If you are excited about the opportunity to create a disruptive social impact and have the skills and experience we are looking for, they would love to hear from you. If you are interested please write to avijit@demtechconsulting.com

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