Optimising cost of Email - Split delivery option for email functionality. Is it possible? GSuite for some and lower cost email providers for rest?

I needed a few G-suite accounts and professional emails (ex; ZOHO) linked to one single domain name. I heard that Google offers something called split delivery option. I need more clarity on this .

So lets say you have some email-ids for your domain in G-suite , some other email ids in ZOHO, Split Delivery Management will help, if you want to map the emails to either to the Google workspace as well as ZOHO server whichever in your convenience.

How this works

Split Delivery can be set up when a set of your domain’s accounts exist in Zoho Mail, and the rest of the accounts exist in Google Workspace. So when an account that exists in Zoho receives an email, the email will be received at the Zoho servers. In case the account does not exist in Zoho, and instead, in Google Workspace, the email will be routed to the destination Google Workspace that you have mentioned. This way you will get the benefits of Zoho Mail for one set of users, while the rest of them do not miss out on the features of Google Workspace.

When you configure split delivery, the server to which your MX Records are pointed will be the primary server, and the other server will be the secondary server. For example, if Zoho Mail’s MX records are added to your DNS provider, Zoho Mail will be your primary server, and the split delivery configuration has to be set up here.

Usage of split delivery management

In G-suite

Refer this link to see the working

In zoho with G-suite

Refer this link to see the working with G-suite

This is different for different platforms as well just giving the G-suite 's working with Zoho .
Hope this helps.

:wave: Hello, I am providing a technical overview of the Split delivery procedure steps in G Suite to help you understand how to use this.

Consider that you are using Gsuit as your primary mail and Zoho as secondary.

So when an account that exists in Gsuit receives an email, the email will be received at the Google servers. In case the account does not exist in Gsuit, and instead, in Zoho, we need to route this mails to Zoho servers.

Configuring both mail services for your same Domain:

In you Domain DNS settings, you need to add all MX record related to your primary mail and a TXT record(for zoho verification),SPF record and DKIM record (to prevent spam blocking ) of zoho .

Split delivery routing:

You need to edit the “Hosts” section and “Routing” section in your primary mail(Gsuit).
Log in to your G Suite Admin Console. Go to Apps > G Workspace > Gmail >

  1. In Host settings : Add a new host with email server option as “Multiple hosts”, Then add all mx records for secondary mail ( mx.zoho.in , mx2.zoho.in, mx3.zoho.in ) with port number 25.
    Read more: Coexistence with G Suite - Zoho Mail

  2. In Routing settings: Follow all steps from: Send email to two email systems with split delivery - Google Workspace Admin Help

Save the changes.

Once these configurations are done, emails will be delivered to Google Workspace for accounts that exist there and will be routed to Zoho Mail for users that exist in Zoho :tada:

I have tested this out to see if it’s a viable option for organisation I am working for. Thanks to Jinso, Neha and the T4G team for decoding the process and explaining all the processes and options involved in the process with utmost patience.

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