Project Management Tools

I would like to know what are the Project Management tools available that are easy to learn and use, preferably cloud-based and if it is free, then it’s a bonus.


You could try Trello, they have a simple card based approach to project and task management.


  • Easy to collaborate with team members
  • Mobile Apps for all platforms
  • visually gives a good sense of how well projects are doing

The free version should be enough for a small to mid sized organisation. But if you want an upgrade - they have a non profit community discount too! :slightly_smiling_face:

Having said that, please do note that Project Management will only work if the principles of projects, tasks, team work as a culture have been seeded into the team. This could take a few discussions with you team and training them on basic project management concepts like tasks, making a work plan, able to predict timelines etc,.

Please use the tech/app only after the above and once you have buy-in and support of your team members.