❓ What is a good Work/Task Management Tool?

What is a good work management tool that is available (preferably free) and can be used easily?

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Hi Sudeep,

Thanks for sharing your question. Task/Work/Project Management has always been a challenge for everyone and in every domain.

Ultimately no single tool by itself can help to β€œget things done” because the only way to get things done is yes, β€œto actually work and get things done” :slight_smile:

And there are a few frameworks and simple hacks we can use to keep track of how we are doing and not to miss important deliverables. Time is also limited so how do we prioritise?

One of the ways that has been helpful to me personally and works for small teams of upto 20-25 members is using a combination of 3 simple yet powerful tools/principles

  1. How do i decide which tasks are important and how soon they need to get done?
  2. How are my tasks doing? so others can help me if needed.
  3. How do i create a simple dashboard that i maintain regularly & can be shared with my team.

For 1, i use the Eisenhower Framework that helps me decide which tasks are urgent/important


For 2, we can use traffic lights on each task - red for stuck, orange for stuck but its alright, green for its all good

And i put together the concepts of 1 & 2 into a simple free google sheet that anyone can download/copy/replicate

Link to Google Sheet - Free Task Manager Template - Google Sheets

Happy Work managing :slight_smile: Would love to hear your thoughts and also recommendation for other tools from the community.