Request from a non profit to create interface to export selected questions from Excel to word

The science question bank created for the teachers are categorized based on sub concepts. The question bank will be made available to everyone. The teachers should be able to select their sub concepts of interest in Excel and later should be able to export it into a worksheet in MS word. Need help to create an interface for such an endeavour. Please help!

I think Mail merge feature should work. Depends if questions are fixed and if there are multiple types of questions. If questionnaire is complicated, VBA might be needed. If questions can be uploaded as a google sheet, then pdf can be created from questionnaire. Again, if questions are complicated in terms of type of answers, then AppScript can be used to create pdf documents. Let me know if I can be of help.

Thank you, we are starting off with multiple choice questions to begin with. But some of these questions have diagrams

Here is the link for reference

Requested for access.

Hi Pavana, instead of Excel as the place where your user chooses the subtopics/questions, Would you be ok with a webpage having a table very similar to excel? See examples on:

Why: Because that will shift the coding place and language from a more complicated Excel / google sheets, over to a proper web application backend where it’s much simpler to generate the desired output - word doc or PDF or other.

With this shift, you would also become free to bring lot more varieties to your questions’ structures. By hosting this on a web link, it’ll become possible for your target audience to access and use even if they don’t have paid version of MS Office, or do it from phone devices. You can keep updating and curating your question bank in the backend and they won’t have to re-download a new excel on every update.

separate alert: this is what this question page is looking like in the browser to me:

Is it same for others? I’m not seeing this in other posts on this site, just here. Would it be possible to remove this image background or put some color background behind the text elements so one can read them?

Thank you for your reply. Can you help us set it up? Is it possible to get on a call.
And sorry for the background. I didn’t select any, don’t know why it’s there and have no clue how to remove it.
Thanks and regards

Hi Pavana. sure, you can reach me on nikhil (dot) js (at) gmail .