Request for interface development to view extracted data from platform


We at GuideStar India wish to have our data extracted from our existing site. We have files shared by our international counterparts that contains the extracted data. We need help to develop an interface that would help us see the data mapped to the different fields.

Request help with the setting up of the interface with appropriate safeguards for our team and data of the Non Profit Organisations (NPOs)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Pooja,

Welcome to the community.

Based on our conversation and the document shared. The compressed files are

  1. A compressed version of the database of the site - possibly data tables with entries of fields, etc.
  2. A compressed version of attachments - uploaded documents etc.

We will focus on point #1 as it is relevant to the usecase shared. Considering the size and nature of file, and instructions provided - we will guide you on how to navigate the tables on your local machine.

Will be in touch for next steps.

Jinso Raj

Thanks Jinso for helping us extract the data. we are now able to view the data needed.

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