Sharing Knowledge resources with our partners - Request for setting up a resources page


We at GuideStar India wish to set up a page of resources for our existing site. WE want to collate and share all the resources useful to Non Profit Organisations in one place.

Request help with the setting up of the interface with appropriate safeguards for our team and data of the Non Profit Organisations (NPOs)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Pooja,

Thank you for reaching out to us :slightly_smiling_face:.
Based on the resources data you provided, we have created a website to index all of them using an awesome open-source tool called dirmaker, developed by Kailash Nadh. Our volunteers, @Sameerabdulla and @MrBlueSky , have been very helpful in completing this task, and we extend our gratitude for their valuable help and support :heart:.

Link to website:

This is hosted freely on GitHub Pages. Additionally, updating the resources data is as simple as modifying the data.yml file in github. Any changes made to the file will automatically update the website.

If you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

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Thanks for providing us with the opportunity for creating this website. The creation of the website was completed in no time thanks to dirmaker by Kailash Nadh and with the support and guidance from @JinsoRaj we were able to finish the project☺️. It was a good experience using dirmaker and github pages, learned a lot of new things😁

it was a great experience to work for GuideStarindia’s resource website. I learned many open source tool like dirmaker by Kailash Nadh and thanks to @JinsoRaj for the support and guidance.