Senior Manager-Program (Technology Programs)

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The American India Foundation is committed to improving the lives of India’s underprivileged, with a special focus on women, children, and youth. AIF does this through high impact interventions in education, health, and livelihoods, because poverty is multidimensional. AIF’s unique value proposition is its broad engagement between communities, civil society, and expertise, thereby building a lasting bridge between the United States and India. With offices in New York and California, twelve chapters across the U.S., and India operations headquartered in Delhi NCR, AIF has impacted 12.9 million lives across 35 states and Union Territories of India.

The role of a Senior Manager-Program is to act as the end accountable person for the program’s projects across planning, implementation/execution/delivery, reporting, donor driven requirements, financial & other statutory compliances. They will be required to plan, manage, supervise, and organize activities and ensure that project goals align with the program objectives & organization’s mission.

  1. Project Planning, Implementation & Budgeting:
    • Develop an operating plan & goals with detailed project plan (micro-plans), for the
    delivery of the project as per organizational protocols & contractual commitments.
    • End accountability for timely execution of all project’s activities and operating plan as per
    organizational standards of time and quality to fulfill project’s MoU / contractual
    • Ensure excellent project management and effective utilization of time and resources.
    • Analyze project risks.
    • Based on project monitoring, Implement and manage changes and interventions to ensure
    project goals are achieved.
  2. Approvals, Documentation & Legal compliances:
    • Proactively seek approvals from government, partners, any other stakeholders as applicable,
    to ensure timely on-ground implementation.
    • Ensure timely and accurate documentations - legal and others, w.r.t project
    implementation activities, including but not limited to, contracts, budgets, expenses, fund
    utilization, manpower, administrative expenses etc.
    • Ensure all legal compliances are adhered to within the project at all times including, labor
    compliances, taxation and other financial compliance, auditory compliances, POSH, Child
    protection, Code of Conduct, HR & admin policies.
  3. Manpower hiring, HR management & contracting:
    • Proactively plan manpower staffing for effective project delivery.
    • Conduct recruit activities as per HR policies. Prepare JDs, NAFs, design & conduct
    technical assessments and participate in the selection process actively to ensure timely
    recruitment of qualified project manpower.
    • Train the project team effectively to deliver to the needs of the project.
  4. Financial management, Budget monitoring, expense management & approvals:
    • Develop a detailed operational budget for the project.
    • Proactively manage budget utilization & project expenses.
    • Monthly monitor and report budget utilization, project expenses internally & externally;
    • Optimal utilization of ERP for timely & accurate project expense management,
    procurements, reimbursements etc.
  5. Reporting:
    • Ensure monthly project monitoring through Smartsheets and timely updation to maintain
    accuracy at all times on Smartsheets for respective projects.
    • Consistently provide excellent quality data and documentation that meet the quality
    standards of the organization;
    • Produce accurate and timely reporting of project status throughout its life cycle - conduct
    project reviews monthly, quarterly for Leadership and as per project MoUs and contracts.
  6. Communications:
    • Share project updates and highlights from time to time including written notes & briefs,
    photographs & videos, presentations etc.
    • Ensure success stories are documented and shared periodically for program
    communication through AIF social media handles;
    • Facilitate field visit for any internal & external stakeholders incl Leadership, Board,
    Donors, Partners and any other.
    • Support in planning & execution of events, training for the project at the ground-level.
  7. Evaluations & studies:
    • Support in evaluation studies.
    • Support in development of evaluation methods to assess project strengths and identify
    areas for improvement.
  8. Government representation:
    • Proactively engage with government bodies and relevant stakeholders for implementation
    success, project sustainability, scalability & replication.
  9. Stakeholder engagement:
    • Ensure timely and effective communication & active engagement (including periodic
    meetings) with all internal & external stakeholders to make communication easy and
    transparent regarding project progress, issues and related decisions;
  10. Donor engagement & Fundraising:
    • Coordinate a system for regular feedback from donors and partners;
    • Build excellent professional relationships with our donors & partners;
  11. Technology utilization: Utilize all technological tools and innovations as per organizational
  12. Administration & Procurements:
    • Proactively plan for procurement to meet MoUs and contractual commitments.
    • Execute procurement activities timely, as per organizational policies & protocols.
  13. Fundraising:
    • Develop proposals timely and partner with the SP team to ensure uninterrupted project
    funding as well as for follow-up funding;
  14. Field & facility management:
    • Regulator visit to the field for effective monitoring.
    • Ensure Field leasing, rent renewals and general office administration is planned & managed
    for safety, cost optimization & efficient project monitoring-adhere to all admin & HR
    policies applicable;
  15. Organizational ambassadorship:
    • Adhere and maintain utmost levels of integrity & urgency towards all legal, statutory &
    organizational compliances that may be required internally or externally from time to time
    and as per prevalent laws and/or donor requirements.
    • Work smoothly with peers and managers and receive constructive feedback well;
    • Go beyond own deliverables to support others in the team or the larger organization where
    • Maintain the highest level of respect & integrity towards the organization’s policies, goals
    and values.

• Post-graduation, with specialization in social entrepreneurship or communication or
development management or economics or business studies preferred.
• Minimum 08 to 10 years of experience- either as a lead team member in a social enterprise and/or
non-profit organization and/or eco-system building, with minimum 02 years of direct
accountability as leader / manager of a project of upto 1 crore.
• Prior experience in a consulting venture or strategic communication, fundraising and research
functions would be preferred.

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