Tech Product Management Role : NETRI Foundation

Job Description


  1. Tech product management


  1. Understanding of tech servers

  2. Expertise in managing WordPress

  3. 2 years experience (we consider internships and projects as work too)

  4. Graduate from any reputed institution (could be enrolled and a current student as well).

  5. Remuneration competitive as per market standards


  1. Full-time freelancing ( you can work on other projects, but be fully accountable to NETRI on this project)
  2. Remote
  3. Work directly with Founder and other team members to maintain and run the product, enhance it and do the backend.

Send your CV and work sample to

About NETRI Foundation:

Women constitute nearly 50% of the Indian population, yet they are represented less than 15% of the Indian Parliament. The national average of women’s representation in State legislatures is 9%. Nearly half of the Lok Sabha constituencies have never elected a woman since 1962. According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, India is ranked 149th place out of 193 countries in terms of women’s political representation.

At NETRI we commit ourselves to the constitutional values of politics to achieve-

Equality, Social Justice and Dignity for all.

NETRI is India’s first incubator and aggregator for women in politics. We deliver programs that equip women to run for elections, and become political professionals or political entrepreneurs, thereby increasing women’s participation in decision-making.


We are a young organization bustling with energy and raring to grow. NETRI has been awarded grants from highly reputed institutions such as IIM Bangalore-NSRCEL, The/Nudge Foundation, and an esteemed private sector organization. We are also mentored by an experienced team of highly experienced professionals at the Ujwal Impact Advisors. These reinforce our faith in our idea, and you can directly contribute towards shaping the future of the organization. At the heart of it, we endeavour to build our team’s career in public policy. So, what’s in it for you?

  • Operationalize your ideas: Freedom to convert ideas into actionables.

  • Impact at scale: NETRI offers you the platform for meaningful and impactful work at scale.

  • Steep learning curve & Networking: The breadth of interactions coupled with networking opportunities with a wide variety of stakeholders in the politics/policy space will be humongous and enriching at the same time

About Access Polity

Access Polity by NETRI Foundation is India’s first platform aggregating opportunities that will build ladders for women to partake in the political ecosystem. It will bring women and young people at the forefront in shaping campaigns and future governance. It is built on the principles of accessibility, transparency, and equitability, with a gender lens to create a safe space for women to 3become a part of the political ecosystem.

Post the General elections of 2019, India’s election expenditure was estimated at Rs.60,000 crore ($7.7 billion). According to research undertaken by CMS, 45% of this expenditure is made toward campaigns and logistics. Studies point toward the abysmal participation of women in the growing election management economy. NETRI Foundation is committed to paving viable paths for women in the political sector.

Access Polity:


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