[Closed] Digital Square is looking for innovative companies to work with to increase the availability, adaptability, and maturity of high-quality digital health tools

Notice G is a unique global call open to digital health technologies worldwide that qualify as global goods. Digital Square global goods are health-focused tools that are impactful, scalable, and adaptable to different countries and contexts. In addition, they have an active focus on becoming more interoperable, deployable, and better serving of low-middle-income country (LMIC) strategies.

This call aims to support the discoverability, accessibility, and promotion of global goods. Its objective is to identify and promote high-quality software, service, and content tools that address country-driven health needs and, ultimately, contribute to inclusive and equitable health outcomes for all.

All existing global goods are encouraged to apply to ensure that the tools are re-evaluated.

Organizations should apply via the Open Application Platform through the following steps:

  1. Download the full request for application (RFA) document for more information on the criteria, and data sets required.
  2. When applying, organizations will be asked to register on the new online platform.
  3. Upon account creation, organizations should answer all required questions and fields in the online application form.
  4. Organizations must submit their application through the online platform.

Source: Digital Square’s post.