Looking for a subscribers management software

Hello everyone,… I am Narendran, founder and director of Tamuku.

Tamuku provides high quality, relevant and timely information, tools, resources and services for social impact organisations and professionals in India through a subscription based model. Learn more about Tamuku here - www.tamuku.org

We have 5000+ subscribers and we currently manage them using a google sheet. This is becoming very hectic and time consuming.

I am looking for a tool which helps us manage our subscribers easily and effectively. Features shall include onboarding, profiling, renewals, communications, CRM, payments, etc.

Thank you in advance for your inputs and suggestions



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Dear Naren,

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing warmly and freely. Hope the online session was useful. As discussed, here are the broad notes. Once you complete further stakeholder needs mapping, we can work on the levels of impact ladder and finalise the registries.

Post this, will be able to recommend the right tools for you.

(Note - Names and references are only as a placeholder and not a reference to real people/orgs)