Looking for Volunteers, Interns to co-create by reusing FOSS tech for a helpline for girls at risk of Human Trafficking

The My Choices Foundation envisions a world free from gender-based violence and human trafficking, empowering individuals to live with dignity and autonomy. Its mission is to prevent abuse and exploitation through education, awareness, and support services. The foundation’s impact so far includes helping over 300,000 women and children across India, establishing 45 counseling centers, training 800+ community leaders, and rescuing countless trafficking victims. By fostering collaboration with local organizations, government bodies, and global partners, My Choices Foundation has been instrumental in transforming lives and creating safer, more inclusive communities.

Cloud-based Helpline for Human Trafficking Victims

Project Overview: The objective of this project is to set up a cloud-based helpline system for victims of human trafficking, utilizing cloud telephony, Frappe, ERPNext, and Flutter technologies. The solution should provide an efficient and user-friendly platform to support and assist victims in reporting incidents, seeking help, and accessing resources.


Needs Mapping:

Levels of Impact:

High Level Ideation

Tech Requirements:

  1. Cloud Telephony Integration: a. Implement a robust cloud telephony system to handle incoming and outgoing calls effectively. b. Setup a toll-free helpline number for at risk girls to call.

  2. Frappe and ERPNext Backend and Admin: a. Utilize Frappe as the backend web framework and ERPNext as the comprehensive platform for managing helpline operations. b. Implement user authentication and access control for administrators and support staff. c. Create customizable data models and forms for capturing information related to victims, traffickers, and incidents. d. Develop modules for managing and tracking at risk cases, support services, and resources. e. Integrate real-time reporting and analytics features for monitoring helpline performance and effectiveness.

  3. Flutter Frontend for ERPNext: a. Develop a responsive and user-friendly mobile application using Flutter for both Android and iOS platforms. b. Provide simple interface for frontline workers and partners to manage incidents, access resources, and seek help.

  4. Security and Data Privacy: a. Comply with relevant data protection laws. b. Regularly conduct security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address potential risks.

  5. Scalability and Performance: a. Design the system architecture to be scalable, allowing for seamless expansion as the user base and traffic volume grow. b. Optimize performance by leveraging cloud-based services, caching, and load balancing strategies. c. Ensure minimal downtime and maintain high service availability.

The Project will be managed by T4GLabs and Tech4Good Fellows.

> If interested, please reply to this topic with your interest and we will message you privately with the next steps.

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